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Lightning has routing issues

Bitcoin enables truly peer-to-peer commerce, and Lightning Network makes it fast and cheap. But running a lightning node can be very tricky, especially in the beginning.

Imagine you have an online shop connected to your own lightning node. The first customers come, they try to buy something... And BOOM!

`unable to route payment to destination`

Your node is new, all your channels are outgoing, all your balance is local. There is simply no incoming capacity to accept payments.

We are building tools to boost capacity, enable better routing and balance channels. Because every balanced node brings the bright peer-to-peer future one step closer.


lncli connect 03bb88ccc444534da7b5b64b4f7b15e1eccb18e102db0e400d4b9cfe93763aa26d@

lncli openchannel 03bb88ccc444534da7b5b64b4f7b15e1eccb18e102db0e400d4b9cfe93763aa26d 2000000

1. Allocate outbound capacity

Running a routing node? Want to enable lightning withdrawals? Or simply want to pay with Lightning?

Open a channel to our node. Well connected and balanced, with the highest possible BOS score. Routing hundreds of transactions per day, every day, for more than two years.

2. Get inbound capacity

long waiting times due to unprecedented demand

Want to start accepting lightning payments?
Running a balanced routing node?

As soon as you have 10 channels of your own and a minimum of 0.05 BTC total capacity - fill the form to request a channel from our node. We provide you with a 0.02 BTC inbound liquidity to get started. No strings attached. Questions? Problems?

Also read more practical tips in our blog post.

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